Table of Contents

Arctic Warming

-Table of contents-


What is up for discussion?

I. Hot Issue in Cold Environment! How can it serve Climate?
II. Introduction

(a) A climatic revolution
(b) Objective of investigation
(c) Where, When, Why

Part B

Warming of Spitsbergen, Facts and Considerations

I. The range and limits of facts
II. What offers modern science?
III. How was the warming discussed in the 1930s?

Part C

Analysing the warming event

I. General observations
II. Analysing the seas around Spitsbergen as source of the warming
III. The warming of relevant regions

a. No title
b. Distant warming
c. Arctic Ocean
d. Greenland
e. Europe
f. Is Spitsbergen the sole heating-up spot?

Part D

What caused the Arctic warming?

I. Probable forcing mechanism for warming
II. Ocean’s potential – Ocean’s forcing
III. Can WWI have caused the Spitsbergen warming?

(A) Which potential forces are available?
(B) Naval force a force to recon

i. Why naval force?
ii. How close was the naval war to Spitsbergen?
iii. When got naval war in full swing?
iv. Weapon scenario that stirred the seas
v. Churning the sea activities.
vi. Other means causing alterations

(C) Linking Naval war to Arctic warming

i. The general situation
ii. The week point of linking the events
iii. A further strong point of linking the events

IV Conclusion